Powerful new world alliance of global health researchers announce landmark pact on priorities

Global Alliance for Chronic Diseases

ALeqM5ipBC7YyMJhJiBmY84aflBxejc59AAgencies managing 80 percent of global public health research funding set first priorities for common, concerted efforts on heart and lung diseases, other ‘chronic non-communicable diseases’

An alliance of institutions collectively managing an estimated 80 percent of all public health research funding worldwide today announced their first targets for concerted action in the fight against “chronic non-communicable diseases” (CNCDs).

Lowering hypertension (high blood pressure), and reducing tobacco use and the indoor pollution caused by crude cooking stoves in developing countries — which together contribute to about 1 in 5 deaths each year — were chosen as initial priorities for the unprecedented coordinated research program under the recently-formed Global Alliance for Chronic Diseases.

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