Tuvalu hopes solar project inspires climate talks; nation sets goal of 100 percent clean energy by 2020

e8, Montreal
19 July 2009

Pacific nation of 9 islands seeks to expand first solar system, donated by e8, a consortium of G8 country electricity firms

2useAmid worsening climate change-related problems for small island states, Tuvalu has established a national goal of being powered entirely by renewable energy sources by 2020.

Government officials and the donors of Tuvalu’s first large-scale solar energy system alike hope the moves help inspire much larger nations later this year in negotiations of a successor to the Kyoto Protocol agreement on climate change.

The solar system installed on the roof of Tuvalu’s largest football stadium now supplies 5 percent of the electricity needed by that nation’s capital, Funafuti.

In its first 14 months, the operation has reduced Tuvalu’s consumption of generator fuel, shipped from New Zealand, by about 17,000 litres and reduced Tuvalu’s carbon footprint by about 50 tonnes.


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