How to supply sustainable electricity to world’s billions of ‘energy poor’ people

Global Sustainable Electricity Partnership, Montreal

02 Jun 11

UN Summit to launch 2012 as ‘International Year of Sustainable Energy for All’

New York – How can the world’s 2.5 billion people with little or no access to electricity get hooked up to an affordable, sustainable supply?

Projects created by a combination of public and private resources to bring clean, reliable electricity to two remote, impoverished South American communities could light a path to be followed around the world.

In Argentina’s Patagonia region a 86-kilowatt hydroelectric station will provide power to the tiny rural community of Cochico, while a wind and diesel hybrid system of the same size will supply the isolated village of Chorriaca. Both communities now make do with inadequate and polluting diesel generators that operate sporadically.

The new electricity sources are the result of co-operative efforts between the communities, Patagonia’s provincial government and members of the Global Sustainable Electricity Partnership, a non-profit organization created by several of the world’s largest utilities to promote sustainable energy development and human capacity building in developing and emerging nations.

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